On the Footsteps of Veuve Clicquot

Located in the heart of Champagne's most esteemed regions, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin epitomizes the "Art of Living" through its luxurious vineyards spanning over 280 hectares. Staying true to the legacy of its trailblazing founder, Madame Clicquot, whose motto was "only one quality, the best," Veuve Clicquot continues to lead with distinction and innovation.

Tailored Tour Experiences

Cellar Visit: Explore the historic cellars of Veuve Clicquot where tradition meets excellence. Our cellar tours, available as half or full-day experiences, cater to various group sizes but always maintain an intimate setting to enhance your experience.

Tasting Sessions

Conclude your visit with a selection of Veuve Clicquot's finest cuvées, each reflecting the house's commitment to unparalleled quality according to the tour reserved:

• Non Vintages: Yellow Label Brut & Rosé, widely recognized for its crisp, golden-yellow charm.
• Vintages: Cave Privée 1990, Vintage Brut 2002, Vintage Brut & Rosé 2015, Extra Brut Extra Old, Vintage 2015 and Vintage Rosé 2015, La Grande Dame 2015

Curated Itineraries

Choose from our specially designed tours that showcase the best of Veuve Clicquot and the rich Champagne heritage:

• Half-Day Tour:  Experience Veuve Clicquot with a vineyard stop for a triple tasting session.
• Full-Day Tour: Combine your visit to Veuve Clicquot with a trip to Moët & Chandon, including a delightful lunch. Highlights include a vineyard tour near the majestic Château de Boursault, built by Madame Clicquot, and a visit to the Grand Cru village of Bouzy, birthplace of Madame Clicquot and the site of her pioneering creation of the first blended Rosé Champagne.

Heritage of Veuve Clicquot

The legacy of Veuve Clicquot began in 1805 when Barbe Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin, a widow at a young age, took the helm of her late husband's wine business. Under her visionary leadership, the house achieved many firsts: the creation of the first vintage Champagne in 1810, the invention of the riddling table in 1816, and the introduction of the first blended Rosé Champagne in 1818. The iconic Veuve Clicquot yellow label, introduced in 1877, is now synonymous with excellence and a globally recognized symbol of luxury Champagne.

Connect with Veuve Clicquot

Embark on a journey of taste and tradition at Veuve Clicquot. To book your personalized tour or learn more about our exclusive tasting options, please contact us. Experience the legacy of Madame Clicquot where each glass poured honors her indomitable spirit and the rich history of Veuve Clicquot.

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