Moet & Hautvillers

Nestled in the prestigious Avenue de Champagne in Epernay, Moët & Chandon boasts an extensive 28 kilometers of underground cellars. With the largest vineyard area in the region, it is renowned as the world's top-selling Champagne brand, producing approximately 30 million bottles annually. Visitors are invited to explore these historic cellars through both half-day and full-day tours, offering a comprehensive insight into the heart of Champagne production.

Exclusive Tasting Experiences

Cellar Visit: Experience the grandeur of Moët & Chandon's extensive cellars, where the essence of Champagne comes to life through meticulous craftsmanship.

Tasting Options: Your tour concludes with a curated sommelier tasting of Moët & Chandon's esteemed cuvées, each representing a pinnacle of quality and innovation:

• Non Vintage Imperial Brut White and Rosé: A vibrant blend reflecting the richness and diversity of the Champagne region’s vineyards.
• Vintage Imperial White & Rosé: These vintages are celebrated for their structured elegance and are only produced in exceptional years.
• Collection Imperial Creation No. 1: The latest innovation, showcasing Moët & Chandon's pioneering spirit.
• Grand Vintage Blanc & Grand Vintage Collection: Each release is a unique expression of a particular year, highlighting the individuality and climate of the season.

Curated Itineraries

• Half-Day Tour: Choose between a visit to Moët & Chandon with a stop in the Premier Cru village of Hautvillers, "the cradle of Champagne," or a vineyard stop for a triple tasting.

• Full-Day Tour: Embark on a comprehensive experience that includes Moët & Chandon and another prestigious Champagne house such as Veuve Clicquot or Ruinart, with a gourmet lunch in between.

The Legacy of Moët & Chandon

Founded in 1743 by Claude Moët, a respected wine trader and supplier to King Louis XV, Moët & Chandon has a rich history intertwined with the royalty and aristocracy of Europe. The brand also markets Dom Pérignon, named after the legendary monk who made significant advances in Champagne production techniques during his tenure at Hautvillers. This prestigious cuvée continues to be a symbol of luxury and exquisite craftsmanship under Moët & Chandon's stewardship.

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