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One of the key reasons to hire us is our expertise in optimising your time so you can get the most out of your visit to the Champagne region.

Timing is one of the 2 key elements for your visit, which can be broken down into the following:
Transport to and from the region.
Transfer time between houses and restaurants.
The duration of vineyard and house visits and tastings.

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Q. How long does it take to drive to Champagne from Paris and what are the advantages?
A. Depending on traffic about 2 hrs each way. This increases if you depart from Paris past 8am Monday to Friday or return past 4:30pm. On a 10 hour tour you will have about 6+ hrs in the region.

1. Save transfers to and from the Paris Gare de L'Est to catch the TGV.
2. Drive though more of the Route de Champagne, small villages, and option to stop in Chatillon to see the panoramic view.
3. Explore the Marne Valley and Pinot Meunier vineyards.
4. Avoids the hassle of getting to the station by metro or taxi
5. Get up later than if you take the train.

Q. Should we take the train to Champagne from Paris?
A. It's fast and if you love trains and have never taken the TGV it’s fun, also having longer for lunch or at the vineyards.

Q. Can we visit both Reims and Épernay in a single day?
A. Yes. One of our most popular itineraries is a visit to Moet et Chandon or Dom Perignon plus the village of Hautvillers in the morning and after lunch, a cellar visit at one of the famous prestige house in Reims ending with a short visit at Reims Cathedral.

Q. Are Champagne Houses open on Sunday?
A. Basically, Moet, Taittinger, Mumm, Mercier and Pommery are open daily during the season. Small family producers are all closed in the afternoon and a very few are open in the morning.

Q. Can we leave Paris later?
A. We'll do what we can to make it work within the hours you give us. Keep in the mind the houses close for lunch, open around 9:30am, close at 5:30pm This is France where people take their lunch time seriously.

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