Half Day Champagne Highlights Tours

The success of our half day tour tour relies on keeping driving to a minimum and experience time to a maximum!  

During a half day tour, you may visit only family vineyards in the countryside, prefer to visit one large Prestige House for a cellar tour and tasting, or do a combination.

Visits at Family Vineyards are sometimes private, however, some domaines may add a few people to the visit when they have limited time or staff at the time of your reserved booking. Depending on the season, you might see the harvest, techniques of pruning or grape tasting, the management of new and reserve wines, blending, second fermentation, or degorgement. Visits at the Prestige Houses are always in groups, which can vary from 12 to 20.

Tastings are served after all tours. A single or double tasting at the Prestige Houses and 2 to 5 tastings at Family Vineyards. This is the opportunity for you to taste the result of the producer's hard work and creativity and to educate your palate. It is the winemakers' opportunity to sell you their Champagne! 

Here are example itineraries departing from Reims at either 8:45 to 9:15 or 1:30pm to 2:00pm

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Family Vineyard Visits

4 hr Private Tour

▸ 2 Visits - 1 Immersive Estate Visit (2hrs) & Tastings + 1 Vineyard Tasting Stop
▸ 2 Visits - 2 Domaine Visit & Tastings

5 hr Private Tour

▸ 2  Visits – 1 Immersive Estate Visit & Tastings + 1 Domaine Visit & Tastings
▸ 3  Visits –  1 Domaine Visit & Tastings  + 2 Tastings Stops

Prestige House Cellars & Family Vineyard Visits

4 hr Private Tour
▸ 2  Visits –  Moet or Nicolas Feuillatte + 1 Vineyard Tasting Stop
▸  2  Visits –  Moet + 1 Vineyard Tasting Stop in Hautvillers & see Dom Perignon's Church
▸ 2  Visits –  Veuve (1hr) or Pommery + 1 Domaine Visit & Tastings

5 hr Private Tour
2 Visits –   Ruinart + 1  Vineyard Visit & Tastings (afternoon only)
▸ 2 Visits – Veuve or Pommery + 2 Tastings Stops
▸ 2 Visits –   Moet + Pommery
▸ 3 Visits –   Pommery + 1 Immersive Visit & Tastings + 1 Vineyard Tasting Stop


▸ Add or substitute visits to Reims Cathedral or Hautvillers.
▸ Tasting stops are possible at Veuve Café, Pommery, or Perrier Jouet.
▸ We can provide the best train times to or from Paris.
▸ Options vary according to how far away the vineyards are from the pick-up point.
▸ Most family vineyards are closed on Sundays. A few are open in the morning for domaine visits.
▸ Lunch stops are not possible on half-day tours due to limited service times and locations.
▸ Tasting stops do not include domaine visits.

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