Nestled in the historic city of Reims, Ruinart is not only the oldest established Champagne House but also one of the most revered. Known for its sublime Chardonnay dominant wines, Ruinart offers an unparalleled journey through its majestic, cathedral-like chalk cellars, classified as a historical monument. Intimate group tours, are conducted in English, and cater to a maximum of ten guests, ensuring a personal and top-quality experience.

Exclusive Chardonnay-Focused Tours

Cellar Visit:

Delve into the heart of Ruinart with a guided 45-minute to one-hour tour through their expansive Crayères. These ancient chalk quarries offer a stable environment, crucial for the development of Ruinart’s refined Champagnes.

Tasting Sessions:

After exploring the cellars, guests are welcomed into our elegantly designed 18th-century style tasting rooms to savor the exquisite flavors of Ruinart. Choose from the following curated tasting options:

• Option 1: Dom Ruinart Blanc 2010 and Blanc de Blancs non vintage
• Option 2: Dom Ruinart Rose 2009 and Rosé Ruinart non vintage
• Option 3: Blanc de Blancs 100% Chardonnay + Blanc Singulier 2017 + Blanc Singulier

Curated Itineraries

Explore the essence of Ruinart through tailored itineraries that highlight the nuances of Chardonnay:

• Ruinart and Dom Perignon: A duo of perfection, pairing the best of Ruinart with the legendary Dom Perignon.
• Immersive Grand Cru Chardonnay Vineyard Visits: Venture into the heart of the Chardonnay vineyards that form the backbone of Ruinart’s prestige.
• Ruinart and the Montagne de Reims: Discover two Grand Cru Pinot Noir dominant vineyards along with Ruinart’s renowned cellars for a contrasting exploration of Champagne’s finest grapes.

Heritage of Ruinart

Founded in 1729, inspired by the vision of Dom Thierry Ruinart, a scholar and visionary, and his uncle, a Benedictine monk. The legacy began with the sale of 170 bottles in 1730, escalating to 36,000 by 1761. Today, Ruinart’s Crayères, a marvel of Gallo-Roman engineering, are pivotal in the storied history and cultivation of its unique Champagne, providing the perfect conditions for aging.

Connect with Ruinart

Embark on a bespoke journey through the world of Ruinart. To reserve your private tour or inquire about our exclusive Chardonnay experiences, please contact us. We invite you to experience the legacy and luxury of Ruinart, where every sip tells a story of excellence and elegance.

By focusing on the unique aspects of Ruinart’s Chardonnay production, the exclusive access provided by private tours, and the rich historical backdrop, your website will better capture the attention of connoisseurs and enthusiasts eager for a distinctive and memorable Champagne experience.

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