Full Day Tour - Cellar Visit & Tastings

Our full day Classic Tours are designed for those who wish to delve into the rich heritage and exquisite landscapes of Champagne. Perfect for first-time visitors or those looking to revisit the enchanting charm of this world-renowned wine region, these custom planned private tours offer a seamless blend of iconic house cellar visits, scenic vineyard tours, and leisurely lunches at Champagne Bars, Vineyards or a variety of restaurants.

Famous Houses

Explore the intricacies of grape varieties, production methods, and the distinctive characteristics imparted by regional terroir. Uncover "your style" of wine as you are warmly welcomed by family-owned estates, each with a unique story to share. Gain first hand knowledge of the champagne production process and indulge in tastings that reveal the subtle differences between grapes, their origins, and the winemakers' styles. With more time stroll through vineyards that sprawl across the rolling hills of Champagne.

Family Vineyards

Departing Reims you may discover the Premier and Grand Cru villages in the Reims Mountains, known for Pinot Noir grapes, which provide structure and full bodied Champagnes.

Departing Epernay discover Pinot Meunier Champagnes in the Marne Valley, or and taste 100% Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay in the Cote de Blancs.

We have carefully categorized the more than 150 vineyards we collaborate with, into three distinct groups, allowing you to choose the experiences that most appeals to your interests.

Artisanal & Premier Cru: Explore vineyards where artisanal methods and Premier Cru standards converge, offering a glimpse into the rich traditions and meticulous craftsmanship of family-owned estates. Experience the authenticity of winemaking deeply rooted in heritage and personal dedication.

Learn more about Top Artisanal Grower  

Prestige & Grand Cru: Discover vineyards working with top rated grapes, and renowned for their exceptional vintages. These celebrated estates are known for their rigorous attention to detail that produce globally acclaimed wines. Learn more about Grand Cru  

Exclusive Vineyards: Engage in private tours with vineyard owners for a bespoke experience that allows direct interaction with the experts. These exclusive visits offer insights into the vineyards' philosophies and techniques, complete with the opportunity to taste rare cuvées and discuss winemaking practices in a personal setting.


Sample a range of Champagnes, understanding the different House styles and terroir driven styles at vineyards. and what makes each unique. Whether you're sipping a crisp Brut or a complex Rosé, tastings are designed to delight the palate of both novices and seasoned enthusiasts.


Food pairings during the tour, picnics, light sit-down meals and even gastronomic 3-course meals are possible at several of the estates we visit. Pairing champagne with food enhances the flavors, the dining experience, and gives you more confidence to be more adventurous at home and at restaurants when choosing a Champagne. If you prefer a more formal culinary experiences we can reserve a Michelin star or bistronomic restaurant.

Cultural Landmarks

Reims Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous for its gothic artistry and as the coronation site of French kings, this cathedral is a symbol of French history and architectural innovation.

Hautvillers is often referred to as the cradle of Champagne, this charming village is steeped in winemaking history. Hautvillers is home to the Abbey where Dom Pérignon, the legendary monk and innovator, is said to have perfected the champagne making process. Wandering through its quaint streets, you'll find traditional houses and old churches that echo the past, each telling stories of the region's ancient winemaking traditions.

Avenue de Champagne in Epernay is lined with opulent mansions housing some of the most renowned champagne houses in the world. Here, you can explore vast cellars and taste exquisite champagnes beneath the homes of historic producers. The avenue itself is a celebration of the prosperity brought to the region by the sparkling wine industry.

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