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Most people know the Great Champagne Houses but Wine Enthusiasts love to discover new winemakers who produce high quality wines, and which represent outstanding value.

Our custom designed tours and experiences, take into account your taste profile, travel style, and budget. Based on these criteria we will organize vineyard experiences to make the most out of your time in Champagne and you can look forward to a great welcome, quality champagne, and an educative interactive visit in English.

On your tour we will visit a selection of top small grower vineyards, and see the entire wine making process followed by a multi tasting. On request, we will reserve a walk or drive into the vines, which are not generally offered because most parcels of land owned by the winemakers are not located next to the production facility or cellars.

You will enjoy the unique characteristics of each region during single plot wine comparison cuvee tastings while you learning how the terroir impacts the style, acidity, and taste of each champagne.

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About Top Artisan Growers

Top artisan growers tend to follow a combination of organic and sustainable practices to obtain the best of both worlds and to potentially protect losing an entire harvest.  A number of them have achieved great notoriety among the top reviewers, connoisseurs, as well as chefs at Michelin starred restaurants.

Winemakers blend grapes from multiple parcels of vines across the various Crus to create a specific style and based on where they own vineyards. Winemakers, think of the Cru classification in terms of specific flavours, style and maturity rather than an objective measure of quality as the Cru classification makes no account for changes in climate, farming techniques or production procedures that have occurred over the past hundred years or so. It doesn’t discriminate when it comes to vineyards, either. An outstanding vineyard on the borders of a cru-designated village can never hope to achieve a cru classification. The best winemaker's are passionate, and dedicated to reflect the best of the terroir in their wines.

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