Vine to Table Experiences

Haute Domaine is our prestige program, which offers wine enthusiasts a curated and qualitative vine to table experience during a single day visit or overnight stay.

A vine to table experience will deepen your knowledge of wine making, and provide a context to better understand technical sheets and label details with comparison tastings right where it is all made. Each winemaker offers highly interactive visits and experiences in English lasting 2-1/2hrs that go beyond standard visits offered throughout the region.

Any one of these experiences will give you the opportunity to feel part of a French family for a short time. Discover first hand how each family follows their family traditions, and how they constantly evolve to improve the quality of their champagne.

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Comparison Tastings

One of the key experiences in each program is comparison tasting. There are so many ways to compare grapes, dosage, terroir, and, of course, between the champagne makers you will visit. On request, we can arrange horizontal and vertical tastings as well as still wine during certain periods of the year.

5 Senses Workshop

Smell is the key sense for appreciating wine and this can be done externally (orthonasal olfaction) or internally (retronasal olfaction). Knowing wine perceptions are 80% olfactory in nature, you will investigate your appreciation of Champagne through each sense.

Winemaker Workshop

Learn the secrets of the terroir and Champagne appellations. Discovery of the 3 varieties of grapes grown in the region and the cycle of the vines and the work done during the time you are visiting. Sustainable development and working with biodiversity.

Vineyard Lunch & Pairings

Food pairings during the tour, picnics, light sit-down meals and even gastronomic 3-course meals are possible at several of the estates we visit. Pairing champagne with food enhances the flavors, the dining experience, and gives you more confidence to be more adventurous at home and at restaurants when choosing a Champagne.

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Overnight Stays in the Vines

Our vine to table overnight itinerary create the right balance of experiences between Great Cellar Estates, top vineyards visits, and paired meals

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