Trésors de Champagne Special Club Tour

Trésors de Champagne was the first association of winemakers in Champagne advocating a very high quality approach to viticulture, working to preserve the typicality of their terroir, and express the characteristics of their wines. These growers are developing techniques to plant the vineyards and process the wine organically using sustainable and bio dynamic farming methods.

Member vineyards must make their Champagnes entirely in their own premises, cellars, and exclusively from grapes harvested in their own vineyards. They are required to successfully pass two blind tastings at the still wine stage before bottling and again after 3 years ageing, by a jury of independent wine professionals in order to remain members.

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A unique 'Special Club' attribution is given to Champagne bottled in outstanding vintage years. This accolade guarantees exceptional quality and has gained in International repute.

Full Day Sample Itinerary

Visit 4 to 6 grower vineyards - Recoltant Manipulant (RM) - most of whom are members of the Tresors de Champagne Club. We'll reserve one or two domaines for a full facility visit to learn about the Champagne making process and the rest of the day will be spent enjoying multi tasting stops to experience a wider range of styles. The itinerary varies according to the departure point and you're preferred lunch style option.

Trésors de Champagne Boutique

Some of the members are too far to visit or are not set up to welcome tourists like J.Lasalle, Loriot Pagel, Remy Massin, Vincent Joudart to name a few, so visiting the boutique is a great way to discover some top quality grower Champagnes you may not find at home.

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