Vineyard Lunches

Champagne's the perfect complement to many kinds of food as well as an aperitif served on its own. High levels of acidity and low quantities of sugar, make it ideal for both seafood, caviar, high fat foods like French Fries, and lightly flavoured white fish with a young non vintage fruity Blanc de Blanc, whilst a more mature Blanc de Blanc vintage pairs better with Caviar.

A nice way to taste various regional products with 3 different Champagnes is at the bistro Au 36 in Hautvillers. Menus start at 39€pp and we can organise these for you.

Very few vineyards provide a lunch service to small groups, but over the years, a few have slowly started to offer a picnic or light lunch. It’s wonderful way in the middle of the day to relax and enjoy being in the heart of a wine maker's estate.

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Vineyard 1

Minimum 2 guests
Independant Family Grower
  Specialty: Premier Cru Pinot Meunier
Available Daily
Location: Outdoors in the Garden

Cost Including Estate Tour 40€pp
Optional : Sabrage
Option 1: Buffet assortment of raw vegetables, cold meats, cheese, dessert
Option 2: Sandwiches, dessert and local pie

Vineyard 2

Independent Family Grower - Specialty: Blended + Ratafia
Daily except Sunday and Monday
Location: Indoors

Seated 4 courses lunch : ( aperitif, warm meal, cheese, desert)
Lunch Only Cost 35.00€
Sample Menu
Toast of duck rillettes – paired with Champagne
Chicken filet with mushroom & Ratafia sauce with wild rice paired with Champagne
2 local cheeses – paired with ratafia Champenoise
Macaroons & Cannellés or raspberry tartlet paired with Champagne

Vineyard 3

Minimum 2 guests
Grower Cooperative
  - Specialty: Pinot Meunier
Available Daily
Location: Outdoors or Indoors

Cost including estate tour 45€pp
Option 1: Seasonal picnic + 1 /4 Bottle of Champagne
Option 2: 3 course meal with triple tasting and tour

Vineyard 4

Minimum 4 guests
Independent Family Grower
  - Specialty: Blended
Monday to Saturday
Location: Outdoors in the Garden

Sample Menu
Cost including estate tour 58€pp
Option 1: Meat and cheese, bread and dessert plus traditional pink biscuits
Option 2: Sandwiches and dessert plus traditional pink biscuits
Option 3: Crispy Buddha bowl with salad and cooked veggie cakes

Vineyard 5

Independent Family Grower  - Specialty: Grand Cru Pinot Noir
Daily except Sunday and Wednesday
Location: Indoors

Sample Menu 1
Cost including estate tour 55€pp
Option 1: Tartare de légumes et fruits secs – Soupe froide verte et croûtons à l’ail
Option 2: Lentillons de Champagne et oignons rouges – Tarte fine aux tomates et Chaource
Option 3: Tiramisu aux fruits rouges et aux biscuits roses de Reims

Sample Menu 2
Option 1: Terrine de légumes et poisson – Cake au jambon de Reims
Option 2: Pâté en croûte (lapin et porc) – Gâteau au Maroilles sur lit d’oignons dorés
Option 3: Crumble aux biscuits roses de Reims, fruits rouges et pralines roses ou fraisier aux biscuits roses.

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